Watch Grace talk with Matthew Francis on Diversity Dignified

Watch Grace receive Person of the Year award, and co-host New England Pride TV - July 2017

Vote YES on the 2018 Ballot Question to preserve our civil rights

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Authenticity - Relationships - Diversity - Gender Variance

Watch Grace talk about the Massachusetts 2018 Ballot Question on keeping all of our civil rights - New England Pride TV October 2017

​​"I attended the showcase and meant to contact you right away...
I just wanted to comment on how impressed I was with your presentation. Not only the content but the delivery. Since I’ve been in the business for so many years it takes a lot for a speaker to grab my attention the way you did."
.....Margo Chevers, Accountability Coach at Red Carpet Coaching​

My very first blog, from February 2015.  You can find more on the blog tabs

​Grace Anne Stevens

Grace Anne Stevens motivational speaking on authenticity inspires people to find their truth and live their authentic life!

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