Grace Stevens is a long time friend of the Internal Family Systems (IFS) community and an IFS practitioner.  Grace was part of the Plenary

 session of our 2016 IFS Annual Conference in Providence, RI.  Grace joined 5 other presenters and spoke movingly and poignantly to the

 audience of about 350 people on this years' theme "All Parts are Welcome? Examining the Exiles in Our Culture and in Us."  The plenary

 session provided an exploration for attendees in how we all are simultaneously capable of feeling marginalized while possibly marginalizing

 others knowingly or unknowingly.  
 Grace shared much of her biography during her segment of the presentation--about 20 minutes in length--and provided a glimpse into her

 more recent transgender experience, both with regard to her transition process as well as her experience with friends, family, and our culture.  

 Her presentation was absolutely magnificent, and was received with a standing ovation from a crowd who was deeply moved.  
 Grace is a very clear speaker, her transitions are seamless and perfectly timed, her use of multimedia technology is highly proficient and very

 well conceived, and her style is very clear, unassuming, and filled with anecdotes that are humorous, hopeful, and insightful.
 I have the highest regard for Grace's public presentation acumen and it was our great fortune to have her join us at this years conference.  

 It's very clear that she works hard in preparation for her presentation.  Grace works well with our conference planners, and she is

 gracious throughout.  
 Jon Schwartz, M. Ed.
 Executive Director
 The Center for Self Leadership

What People are Saying about Grace 

  Hi Grace,
  Your presentation at GSA was a big hit!  Thanks so much for staying to be a part of it.  I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed having you.  :)
  I think the most powerful idea that has come out of our coaching session is that bringing our curiosity, listening skills, and wholehearted acceptance to our

  roles is the framework.  Beyond that, if we can foster an atmosphere of openness, modeling our understanding that the whole is greater than the sum of

  our "parts",      we can all grow together in different ways and create a unique group of belonging.  
  Have a wonderful weekend and THANKS for everything!!
     Anita Masterson, LICSW
     Program Coordinator/Social Worker
     Alternative Education Program
     Advisor to the Gay/Straight Alliance
     Wachusett Regional High School

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​Grace Anne Stevens

​  Having observed Ms. Stevens speak often to various audiences from small group therapy to the corporate level as a consultant and

  trainer, I  have been consistently impressed with her thoughtful, thorough and effective presentations. As an experienced authority in

  gender education and transitioning issues, Ms. Stevens is masterful at helping people process and connect with challenging issues

  and  move forward. I highly recommend Ms. Stevens services to guide any organization to better understanding of gender differences.
                                  -  Rebecca Z. Shafir M.A.CCC,  Speech Language Pathologist