We have all experienced being "the other"

There are many characteristics that make each one of us who we are.   Our culture, our tribe, and our myths are powerful forces that both join us together and separate us based on one or more of these characteristics.

​Why and how do we make one characteristic more important than the others, and what impact does that have on our lives?

​We have both conscious and unconscious biases that  create separation and power dynamics that impact many of our relationships.

Grace's workshops and discussion help bring many of these issues to light - to our conciseness so we can improve many of our relationships.


It is often difficult to talk about diversity

​The reason for this is that it is impossible to talk about diversity without considering prejudice, privilege, power and oppression.   

​Most of us will do anything to avoid these discussions including outright denial, yet these issues are a natural, although difficult part of being human.

​Like many issues, if we do not recognize them, and talk about them, they will never be addressed.   Answers are not usually easily found but the conversations must be held  in any group that wants to work effectively.

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