Grace Anne Stevens

Grace Stevens understands that the intersections of authenticity, relationships, our all of our diversity that make up each one of us are the basic building blocks of being human and all human interactions.

​Although many are resistant to change, Grace accepts that change is the only constant in our business and personal lives.

​She simplifies each of these concepts in a manner that inspires all attending to gain a new perspective on their own life's journey.

How Grace can help you and your group

Grace has presented to high school, undergrad and graduate student classes in addition to corporate and clinical counselor audiences.

​Grace has presented in both small intimate settings and large auditoriums with hundreds of attendees.

Heart Centered and Experiential
​Workshops & Keynotes

​That Will Improve Personal and Professional Performance

Grace provides keynotes, workshops and facilitates discussions on topics of change, authenticity, authentic intra and interpersonal relationships, diversity & inclusion that are often hidden in most conversations and relationships.  

She also provides trainings in corporate and schools regarding gender variance and transgender transitions, in a manner that shares and teaches an empathetic understanding of people's journey to authenticity.