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The best advice for authors, “Write what you know,” is counsel Grace Anne Stevens embraces in her weekly blog, “My Transgender Life,” for The Huffington Post. She is not only vulnerable sharing about herself but also touches on a wide range of topics that go beyond the transgender experience. She inspires everyone, in and out of the LGBT community, to follow their own truth and live their authentic lives. Musings on Living Authentically, shares the 2015 collection of her muse-inspired stories, inviting everyone to examine their own choices, to grow and become better human beings.

It’s hard to live authentically when you’re trying to meet the expectations of everyone around you and denying the inner voices that know your truth. Grace Anne Stevens spent over sixty years hiding and denying her inner truth. In No! Maybe? Yes! Living My Truth, she shares not only her voice but many of her internal voices, as she journeyed from denying, to questioning, and finally accepting her truth, which led to transitioning her gender at the age of sixty-four. More than just a transgender memoir, this book is about relationships, both internal and external, about change and authenticity, and is uniquely informational, inspirational, and transformational to all who may question their own journey.

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This is the special, full color version of Musings on Living Authentically.     This book is a compilation of Grace's blogs and essays from 2015. Each will make you think and pershap inspire you to live your truth.

Special autographed copy of Musings on Living Authentically directly from Grace... by clicking to the right

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