Grace, Thanks so much for a stimulating, thoughtful and energizing presentation to our Advanced Behavioral Medicine Seminar. We all learned a lot and thought a lot. You presented in a straightforward and organized way, and answered our questions about gender variance-- even ones we didn't realize we had, with clarity, and remarkable openness.
- Thanks again.
Liz Zoob, Member of the Advanced Behavioral Medicine Seminar at the Cambridge Health Alliance

 Larnie came to Genesis in 2008 for his clinical internship as part of his training for his master’s degree in mental health counseling from Lesley University.  During this internship and after, Larnie embarked on a remarkable journey that he shared with us as he transitioned to Grace. 

Not only did Grace allow us to share in her journey, but she was also gracious enough to provide the staff with comprehensive training on transgender issues which has helped us all to develop our professional skills and enhance the agency’s ability to serve our client population.

Following her internship, Grace has continued with our agency as a facilitator of first offender drunk driving groups (DAE).  This is a state mandated program that consists of 16 sessions of 2 hour psycho-educational groups.  These groups can be very challenging to facilitate and require a clinician who can engage an audience and think on their feet.  Grace has all of these qualities and more.  Her commitment and compassion for her clients are reflected in the uniformly positive comments that we receive from her group members following the conclusion of the program. It is evident that Grace has created a learning environment where group members are treated with respect and dignity, even as they are challenged to identify what may need to change in their life.

Grace is a remarkable human being and we feel very fortunate to have her on the Genesis team!

                                    -  Lisa A. Robideau, MA, LMHC, LADC1
                                       Executive Director, Genesis Counseling Services, Inc.

I endorse Grace Stevens as a resource if you wish to bring an expert to discuss Transgender issues in the workplace. During my role as a Diversity Manager at a large technology company, Grace graciously partnered with the Diversity and Inclusion Office and our Benefits subject matter experts to create a Gender Transition Guide for our company. Grace also volunteered her time to speak with employees who were going through a gender transition in the workplace. Grace has a unique ability and skill set – she’s an excellent project manager and has excellent communication skills. She is a must-have on your Diversity expert contact list.
                                 -  Yvette López Adams, PHR

"Grace, thank you very much for your excellent presentations on gender variance to graduate students in our Counseling and Psychology program. You have provided important and necessary information that they needed to learn. Your relaxed, humor-filled interpersonal style put the students at ease. It facilitated open discussion and probing questions which you were not afraid to answer.  Your presentation highlighted the difficult emotional and interpersonal challenges that a person faces when transitioning male-to-female or female-to-male. You helped students understand how to support this transition, examine their own fears or biases, and recognize that it is a learning process for everyone involved. Sharing your personal story of transition humanized and normalized the process for the students. Your entire presentation was both skillful and touching."

-  Jared Kass, Ph.D., Professor
   Division of Counseling and Psychology
   Lesley University

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