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About Handbooks for Humans Volume 1

In the traditions of Life’s Little Instruction Book, Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, and theMessiah’s Handbook, Handbooks for Humans will provide you guidelines to help make you a better person and learn to manage your attitudes in your relationships with yourself and others.

Finally, here is your Manual for being human.

You may have wished you were given instructions for living at birth. Because, the truth is, being human isn’t easy. Now, by putting in the effort, working with the guidelines in the Handbook for Humans, Volume 1, there is a path forward that makes it easier.

You could read this book in a matter of minutes, glean some helpful insights, and toss it aside…or pay attention to each guideline, reflect, go more deeply inside, and do some work. As a reward, you can learn to articulate your feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and experiences which in turn create your attitudes. Your attitudes affect every interaction you have in this world.

As one of the guidelines teaches us,
Never stop learning.
It’s never too late to be a better human.

Handbooks for Humans, Volume 1 provides a platform for personal work and sharing, making it perfect for individuals, couples, and families.