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It is now understood that people who are gender variant express just another possible aspect of human development. Although there are no exact statistics around this, most research papers approximate that between 1-5% of the population has expressed not being comfortable in the binary gender model. Gender variance is seen in all cultures, ages, races, and societies.

Today both young children are expressing it home environments that are understanding and loving and older people who may have hidden in shame, fear and confusion are deciding to live authentic lives. Often transitioning in a school environment creates many challenges for the organization, the staff, the students, and other parents. 

The Pyramid represents the various groups typically found within a school/educational system. Gender variance and transition can occur anywhere within this system. There is a mix of people with different concerns and responsibilities. Education is needed at all levels of this system. Similar to the corporate environment, the senior people in the organization must provide and communicate support.

Programs are available across all levels of the system.  Although there are many commonalities in the information for all these groups, the interactive parts of training will often be different as different concerns may be raised.

• Staff transition
   –When a staff member transitions;   
      programs for management and staff are recommended to understand their concerns and how to message to students and family
   – Management may include any school board members with concerns

   – Facilitate parent meetings if desired

• Student transitions
   –What meetings and training and notices should occur: for staff, for students, for families?
   –What is it that children care about in these situations?
   –What are the policies and guidelines? Bathrooms & locker rooms. How will bullying be dealt with?   
   –Does the school have GSA (Gay/Straight Alliance) groups?

Note: In the Pyramid, there may be different sets of needs depending upon the grade of the student who transitions.

• Family Meetings
   –Grace can help facilitate parent meetings to both train and interactively address their concerns.

• Presentations and classes on authenticity
   –Depending on the age of the students, Grace can provide appropriate programs on relationships and authenticity.

Gender Variance in Schools