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It is early on Tuesday morning  May 24 and I am sitting on the Coast Starlight train just about an hour south of San Luis Obispo as I am catching up on sharing how totally lazy the past few days have been.  We just sat for a bit on a siding to allow another train to pass us.  Just like in the movies.

The scenery along the coast has been everything I have been told.   On the left side of the train I see the ocean, the surf, farms, and an occasional flock of birds fly by.  On the right side I see hills, some ranches and occasional cattle grazing.   It is like walking the knife-edge between two different worlds – yet, I know it is but a single world that I am traveling through.

I have spent the last 4 days focused on just hanging out at the beach.  This was al according to my plan of just having short vacation within this month long – uh, vacation that I am on.   I have taken different pictures from the beach, strolled back and forth on the 3rd street promenade and the pier more times than I could count and yet it seemed new each time.    Street performers were everywhere at all hours.  I tired different eating spots each time and all were wonderful.

It is hard to believe that in a few days I will be eastward bound and headed for home.   Today is a 10-hour ride to San Jose and a colleague will be picking me up for my full day presentation on Wednesday in Santa Cruz, that is titled,  Everyday Transitions: Discussions on Authenticity, Relationships, Change and Gender Variance.  First, a little vacation and then throwing in this one “work” day on the trip.   For those who know me, you know that for me presenting for a full day is not really what I consider work, but just gives me so much energy, and I truly hope that I can make a difference to at least one person who will be attending.


Days 22-24: Vacations on Vacation

As I am getting close to the end of this amazing month on the road, I am a bit sad to realize that for the next few days, I will not be walking as much as I have been for most of the days.

​Even though I have been on a few bikes, and a Segway, the touring I have done has been marked by walking.  Here are a few screen shots from my iPhone  as how much ground I have covered on each day.   Even the 10 mile day was not that tiring.   I am still aging gracefully.    LOL!

Grace Anne Stevens