Day 17 Tuesday May 16:  The Getty Museum

​A full day in LA and I am in tourist mode for sure.   I was told about how amazing the Getty Museum was, so I decided to grab an Uber and head over for the day.  I was not disappointed.   It is hard to describe the experience of going here as the center is built on the top of a mountain.  I took the tram up and thought the best thing to do is join a few of the tours.   Oh, the other best part thing, is that it is totally free to enter.     

There signature painting is a Van Gogh - Irises.   

Close by was a well known Renoir - The Promenade

​If you are ever in LA, find time to get there.

A Tourist in LA - Day 16, Monday May 15

I'll admit I was a bit sad to leave Anaheim.  It was time for the short train ride up to LA.    Christine was going to pick me and give me a tour of the city before she dropped me off in Santa Monica.

​Once again we stopped for lunch Souplantation, as I was crisscrossed through some of LA;  Rodeo Drive, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Belair, Westwood, Century City and Dodger Stadium.

​Perhaps I have become a bit jaded as I am aging, but the streets all looked just like streets to me.  The stores on Rodeo Drive were, well, they just had no attraction to me.   Perhaps I have lost interest in the whole celebrity thing here.  Most places we drove by had many, many homeless people on the streets.   I even saw tents set up on the sidewalks in some places.

​After I was dropped off, I meandered my way down to the Sant Monica Pier.  I truly made it to the left coast.  About halfway through my month on the road.


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