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May 3, 2017   Riding the Atlanta Beltway

​While on my Segway tour, I learned that Atlanta was in the early stages of building out a Rails to Trails bikeway.       Living in Lexington MA, I am a little familiar with these things as we have the Minuteman Bike trail that runs 11 miles from Cambridge to Bedford.    I am also a fan of the Cape Cod Rail Trail that runs 22 miles from Dennis to Wellfleet.  I have frequented both of these numerous times.

It turned that the tour place with the Segway also rented bikes.  So my day for today got created.     I did have a con call with one of my other worlds that kept me busy until around 11 AM, and then I went out to find and explore the Beltway which is only partially completed for a few miles.    

Who I entered the tour shop, the woman I met Monday there said Hi Grace -  she remembered me - and asked if my ears were burning, as they were all talking about my trip as am Amtrak Residency Writer.    I started to think when did I learn to talk to strangers.   Certainly this trip is full of this opportunity.

Luckily, as I was studying the street map with Mira, I started to recognize the street names and East Side layout from the Segway tour yesterday.

My goal was to navigate the city streets, find the Beltway, and most my way up to Piedmont Park,  perhaps find a place for lunch and make it back to the hotel to clean up.   It was a damn hot day here.

The Beltway itself was beautiful and even on a wednesday afternoon was well used with walkers, runners, skaters, bikers and dog walkers.  It was fully paved - just like city streets and quite smooth, not like the paths back home, which are more blacktop.  It was wide and there was a good deal of construction going on on both sides.   I also learned that these are becoming reclaimed, hot new neighborhoods around the bike path.   This is always a good thing.

​I stopped at the Lady bird on the way back and order a Fired Green tomato BLT.   There is a first for everything.   It was yummy!

​I am taking a relaxing evening just preparing for catching my train to NOLA early Thursday morning.   Leaving around  8:30 am and scheduled to get to NOLA around 7:30 PM.   Excited as my BFF is flying down to meet me there and we hope to get to the Jazz Festival on Friday.   

Until then,  Live Your Truth.