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​Stan, once again was kind enough to fight the morning rush hour and drive me from Santa Cruz to the San Jose station so I could catch the Capitol Corridor Amtrak train to Emeryville.​

​I made it to my hotel before 11 AM, and despite feeling a bit (or even more than a bit) sleep deprived, I forced myself to find something to eat and explore a bit.

Day 26: Last Stop - San Francisco

I knew the SF Museum of Modern Art was nearby.  When I found my way there I noticed there was a public garden area. Yerba Buena Gardens is across the street from the museum, and as I arrived I heard music.   It was so neat that there was a free lunchtime concert going on.  I got to sit down and listen, although, I found myself nodding off.

​I took quick recon of the museum, but with my energy so low, decided to head back to the hotel for a nap.   OK, so much for the aging gracefully comment from yesterday, eh?

I explored a little more but today was just a recovery day.   Stay tuned for the next entry. my last day of touring. (a tear is falling)