It definitely turned out to be a special day.   There was room filled with therapists, psychologists, allies, and advocates.  I presented and facilitated a panel for well over seven hours.   

​As usual there were many great questions, some quite personal and some on what knowledge is needed for clinical practice in supporting gender variant individuals.

​I am so impressed by the close knit group of therapists, and support resources  in the Santa Cruz community that are dedicated to support gender variant people and their families here.

Again, of those who know me, my primary focus is always about living one's true life - living authentically, whether you are trans or cis!   Everything I taught and shared about gender variance, is always based on this core value that I believe and encourage everyone to do and to be.   Again, as an IFS therapist, I am always ( yes, always) talking and sharing, and hopefully speaking for my parts, when I present and when I go within to answer the many personal questions that come my way.

I am quite excited by the very nice feedback and initial evaluation I received when I finished.   I also lost my voice.


​After, Stan and I went out for a drink and nachos at The Crow's Nest at Santa Cruz Harbor, and then we went to the promenade in downtown Santa Cruz and had a late bite at Chocolate, and the most incredible hot chocolate I have ever had to pleasure  to have.   I have a giant thanks you to Stan for inviting me and hosting me while on my trip.

​Day 25 was a work day, but this too was a great pleasure.

Day 25: Wednesday May 24 - Presentation Day

​After my 10 hour train ride on Tuesday, my colleague and friend Stan picked me up at the San Jose Amtrak station and was kind enough to be my host for the presentation that he hired me for.

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