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I am pretty sure that I have never had a year where I attended as many MLB games as I will do this summer.  Another check on the bucket list for Dodger Stadium.   In all truth, I was a little wary from the outside, but once I was inside it was just simply gorgeous.  Perhaps it is the laid back LA attitude, but this was just so comfortable, clean and easy to navigate. Once again I bought a field seat and was behind first base and had a great view of the game.

It was Pups in the Park night and I was pretty blown away by the parade of pups around the warning track.

As you know I am not big on souvenirs, but I did acquire a Dodger hemet with my nachos -  Not to worry I only finished about half of them.

So far three stadiums checked off.   Hopefully I will get to a Giant game towards the end of the week.

I mentioned earlier that the Farmers Market would be back today.  My destination ws 3rd and Arizona as I wanted to find the strawberries I missed out on last Wednesday.

​Little do I know about strawberries, but there was  a choice of different types. that were labeled by acidity and sweetness.  As  I sampled a few, I chose the Giovanni (not sure if have this name correct) which were melt in your mouth pure sugar.   I carefully placed them in my pack so I cold enjoy them at the beach.

Day 21 - May 20:  Berries, Beaches & Baseball

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This was looking to be the warmest day so far in Southern California.  I was in no real rush as I dragged myself out of bed and realized that in one more week I will be on the California Zephyr to make my way back to Boston over the Memorial Day weekend.

​I have surprised myself that it has already been 3 weeks on the road and I still am thinking how cool this is and has been.  For the past few days, I have had the habit of posting my blog in the morning and then let my day unfold.  

Now that I have learned that Uber pricing is based on some supply and demand algorithm, I was trying to figure out when the best time would be to head to Dodger Stadium.  With standard LA traffic I had expected it would take at least an hour.  My target was to leave around 4.  It was a plan.

​When I was ready to head to for my morning coffee, today I stopped at a place called Sidecar Donuts right on Wilshire where the small batches of unusual flavors were constantly coming out of the oven as the line of people grabbed them as fast as they could.  Warm and wonderful they were.  I bought 2 but would have been satisfied with one, they were so doughy, tasty and filling.

I decided to head down to the crowded part of the beach near Santa Monica Pier today.  More people and closer to bathrooms if needed.   And yes!  Hot day, hot sand, lots of people and vendors all over the place selling towels, umbrellas, pails and shovels and even mango on a stick.

​It was a great beach day!  Even had a chance to let my mind wander and got to pull out my tavel journal and take some notes.  After all, this entire trip was gift from Amtrak as a writer, with the intent to work on project.   My  mantra for the trip has been the quote by Pablo Neruda which is in the opening page of my journal,  but it has happened that a new project has been forming in my consciousness on this trip.

For those who are somewhat familiar with me, it would be no surprise that it about taking some of my own personal stories - perhaps memoir like, but will each have some familiarity to I hope the reader, to perhaps look at their own lives in a new way.    Since I typically start "top down,"  I have a working title  - Memories, Realities and Other Stories I Tell Myself.

For now, the outline is being filled in, and wondering if I can find a publisher this time around.

Grace Anne Stevens