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It is often said that the definition of Insanity is to do the same thing over and over , and expecting a different result.

In general this refers to individuals, but it is also true in the business world.  Ultimately this means that our desire for comfort, often shown by knowable, repeatable tasks can be in conflict with success in the business world which, in order to have ongoing success, need to believe in constant improvement which  means change and transitions for everyone involved.

Corporate Transitions

Change is constant.
Change can be good.  Some people will love it
Change can be bad.  Some people will hate it
Everyone will have an opinion on each and every change.

When change will happen - and it always will, teams need to talk open it openly and work through the various personal and interpersonal impacts of change.

​Workshops and Keynotes on change can often help focus teams to work through the emotional impacts in an open compassionate manner.