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Live Your Truth

We often will lose ourselves due to choosing what we believe others want or expect from us over our own needs and desires.

 In effect, we compromise our lives in fear of losing all the others who are important to us.  

It does not have to be like this if we learn to accept oursleves and each other.

Grace will share what she has learned on her journey so far... and perhaps you and she can learn together how to improve all of your relationships to make a better you in everything you do in your life.

Authenticity and Relationships

Whose Life Are You Living?

Relationships are important everywhere!

How do we balance our internal and external needs in relationships?

​How do we be true to ourselves -- be unique and follow our heart when many times we know who we are but are perhaps challenged to articulate it?

At the same time, just by being human, we have a desperate need to be in relationship and attached to another person.

​How do we choose which set of needs will win for ourselves and our loved ones?  Do we allow ourselves and others to be just who they are, and if so what does that mean to the relationship?

​The balance between BEING ME: BEING WE  is often the most important challenge of our lives.

Grace Anne Stevens